Alta Native S.L., a company specialized in the production of oriental vegetables, is located within the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia.

Most of our cultivation fields are located within the sand barrier that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the rice paddy fields and the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia, which gives theagricultural produce grown there their organolepticcharacteristics that differentiates them from those of the rest of the world. 

We practice agriculture respectful to the environment and with the biodiversity of the Albufera Natural Park. Our objective is to provide healthy and fresh vegetable produce that brings out the traditional flavours of both our Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the exotic aromas and flavours of the traditional Oriental cuisine.

We have put together the best practices of integrated agriculture and new technologies, using traditional Oriental vegetable seeds as our foundation, so that you can enjoy their exotic flavours with the maximum guarantee of freshness and quality. 

What can be better than the merger of the traditional Mediterranean diet and the exotic flavours of the Orient.