The price of the products will be paid exclusively, and at the Customer's choice, by any of the following means:

Through Paypal.

The payment service through your Paypal account is provided directly by PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. All liability in relation to the confidentiality and security of the information and data provided by the Client when paying for their electronic purchases through this system is excluded. Paypal is the secure and fast intermediation system for operations and online payments by Credit Card; it is easy to send and receive money nationally and internationally. With Paypal personal information is protected and will never be shared with the seller. In the case of an already active Paypal account, you can select the payment method and pay through your own account; just insert the email address and password. If you do not have an account, you can, in any case, select that form of payment and you will be redirected to the Paypal website where you must insert the credit card information. By clicking Pay; Paypal will debit the amount on the card.

By credit card.

The service of payment by credit card is provided directly by the Santander bank, by credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Euro 6000 and American Express

Visa, Master Card and American Express have developed a system to securely make payments on the Internet. With the Secure Electronic Commerce system, the Card Issuer (Santander bank) identifies the cardholder before authorizing payment.

Once the products to buy have been selected and the number of your card has been entered, a window opens where the Issuer requests the identification of the holder, showing one of the following icons:

The data of your card and your password are protected by this system from its introduction.

Once the identification is completed, the Issuer communicates to Alta Native S.L. that the cardholder is making the purchase so that they can complete the process. If the identification has not been satisfactory, the Issuer informs Alta Native S.L. to proceed accordingly.

This window is beyond the control of Alta Native S.L., so the Issuer is responsible for any incident that may arise.