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Vegetables and vegetables grown in an environmentally friendly way, to provide healthy and fresh foods that bring traditional flavors, both from our Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the exotic aromas and flavors of ancient oriental cuisine.

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  • Choi sum


    Choi sum, a variety of cabbage typical of the province of Guangzhou in southern China, has a dark green colour on its leaves and stem from which small yellow flowers sprout. It is a food rich in fibre, minerals such as iron, calcium or magnesium and vitamins A, D, C and B6, in addition to being low in calories. Both its leaves and stem are consumed, preferably cooked al dente.

  • Pak choi


    Pak choi, variedad de col china de hojas verdes, oscuras, carnosas y lisas que se agrupan en torno a su tallo blanquecino que no es muy largo. Es rica en vitamina A, C y K. Es un cultivo tradicional de China y Japón, extendido por Europa con buenos resultados.

  • Mini pak choi


    Mini pak choi, oriental vegetable of the cabbage family, similar to Pak choi but smaller, with dark green wrinkled leaves and short, thick and white stems. Its flavor is similar to that of chard.

  • Kai lan


    Kailan, also known as Chinese broccoli, is a vegetable from the brassicas family, it is of the same species as green cabbage and broccoli. Vegetable with thick, flat, shiny teal leaves, thick stems, and very small white flowers, similar to broccoli. This vegetable of Cantonese origin, contains a high amount of fibres and is a source of vitamins, especially those of group C and D. It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. his flavour it’s very pleasant, steamed or sautéed.

  • Kan choi


    Kan choi (Chinese celery), celery smaller in size than the European one and characterized by its mild flavour and aroma.

  • Tong ho viet


    Tong ho, chrysanthemum used as a medicinal herb and as a vegetable in cooking. Its leaves and long stems have a smooth and pleasant texture. Popular ingredient in oriental cuisine, they can be eaten raw in salad, or cooked sauteed and in soups.

  • Kou choi


    Kou choi ( garlic chives), a plant with a garlic flavour and aroma.

  • Tong ho


    Tong ho, thick, wide, rounded leaf edible chrysanthemum- Used as a medicinal herb and as a vegetable in cooking. The leaves and stems have a slightly succulent texture and a distinctive, pleasant but not strong flavour. It is mainly used for soups.

  • Mak choi


    Mak choi (yau mak), a species of Chinese leaf lettuce with a peculiar flavour and aroma. It can be eaten raw or sautéed.

  • Bai cai


    Bai cai mini, a vegetable from the cabbage family, can be eaten raw as a salad or cooked.

  • Heung moll


    Heung moll (citronella), a herbaceous plant with a mild lemon aroma essential in many dishes of Asian cuisine

  • Am choi


    Am choi, a kind of mustard plant with a spicy flavor.